February 27, 2011

Smile and be kind to everyone because they just might know YOU!

There have been so many occasions where total strangers start talking to me and say that they know me or my family, or my hubby. A prime example of this was just this past week. I went into the Walmart to get Isaiah's passport pictures taken. There was a gentlemen in there with his son. He smiled at me and asked how I was doing. I said that I was doing well (but kept it short after all I didn't know him). Then I went to get Isaiah's pictures taken. The gentlemen was still in the portrait area waiting for something. He then asked me if I went to APC (Agincourt Pentecostal Church) I said yes. He then said to me "I know your father and your husband." I was then feeling more at ease because in some weird way he wasn't so much of a stranger. He said that I would know his wife more as she's more involved. He didn't say who his wife was, but I guess I would recognize her or something.

On another occasion I was at the Pickering Town Centre doing some errands during the early afternoon. I had dropped Isaiah off to my parents as they were home and of course they love watching him. I had just come out of a store and a woman was starring at me. She came up to me slowly and said "are you Isaiah's mom?" Now that really startled me. She went on to say that she recognized me from facebook. WHAT!?!? I wasn't even friends with this person. She then went on to say that she and Saj went to high school together and their friends on facebook. She recognized me from pictures on facebook via Saj's facebook -lol. Saj was actually just with her husband a few weeks prior doing some studio work. She actually bought Isaiah the cutest outfit too from H & M that she had given to Saj when he was doing the studio work. Man - what a small world.

I do have more examples of this happening to me. I've made it my motto to be kind to everyone wherever you go. You just don't know who really knows YOU!

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