February 10, 2011

Cleaning (a distant memory)

Since having a baby cleaning has pretty much become a distant memory. I wish that I could do more (and I probably can) but seriously I just don't have the energy or desire to do so. I would rather get Isaiah and I ready to head on out then to stare at the mess before me. Its like I know what I need to do - but it just never seems to happen. Or if I do get a spark of energy I think to myself - "yes I'm going clean up" only to have my little one wake up or need me so of course it doesn't get done. My husband has been so great. He tries to do things whenever he can. I feel so guilty because he hardly gets good sleep these days, he's out the door super early for work, then he comes home to a mess. He hasn't gotten upset about it. He's seen me in action some days where it is really hard to get some things done. He actually ends up cleaning the kitchen a lot of the times. Once the kitchen is clean, I'm good to cook in it. I can't stand trying to cook in a messy kitchen (which often I mess up -haha). Isaiah seems to be doing better with resting more most days, and now that were using that swing more often, this will definitely allow me to get more work done. Here's hoping to finally getting some housework done :)

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