December 31, 2009

Last day of 2009!

Today officially marks the last day of 2009.
2010 will be upon us in a few more hours.
As we enter into this new year, I have no idea what to expect, only God knows.
I pray for God's blessings over all of our lives as we begin this year. May dreams come true, prayers be answered and new wonderful opportunities arise. Be blessed this new year friends!

December 10, 2009

Too much time has past since my last blog -tisk, tisk on me!

I just realized that my last blog was on August 3rd/2009. I have totally slacked. On another side note - I literally just wrote a whole long blog on what I've been doing than I went to another page, and of course I somehow lost all what I wrote. So I'm slightly frustrated that I have to write all over again - ARGH!!!!!!!
So here are some brief snippets of what I've been up to over the past couple of months!

On August 14th our dear friends Valerie and Rodney got married. We had the honour of attending their wedding and the fun festivities that followed. Truly a fun day. They are such a beautiful couple, and I've never seen Rodney shine so much!

On August 29th I had the privilege of being a bridesmaid at Lisa & Randy's wedding. It was a day of much fun with those girls. I've never laughed so hard in my life. Lisa was a beautiful bride - completely stunning!

In early September we celebrated with Teresa & Marty the 1st year of Matteo's life at his birthday party. That was a fun filled party full of great food, pony rides for the kids (that's right I said pony rides) and one handsome birthday boy!

That same weekend - on the Sunday, we celebrated with Heidi & Jeff the 3rd year of Isaac's life at his birthday party. I can hardly believe that this little guy is so BIG now. I still remember when he was just born and he was so tiny, now he's a big guy and says the cutest things. I love watching Isaac and his adorable sister Olivia. Those kids are great!

October proved to be a lovely season. I love this month for 2 reasons - Saj's birthday and Thanksgiving. Both were great times with the family. We also had the joy of attending Kiara's baby dedication on October 4th with her parents Steve & Christina. It was great being their with all of their families and friends of course. Kiara is greatly loved. She's such a sweet baby - and a total blessing to the McKenzie family. You can see the new joy that they have since Kiara has been born. She truly warms your heart with her little smile.

November was a busy, busy month - more so for Saj. He was preparing for a concert out in Montreal. I've gotta say that it was a total success. Lives were touched and changed. It was so amazing and overwhelming for me to see my husband operating in his gifting. We had a great time in Montreal with wonderful musicians who also happen to be our friends as well. Mike Fenty played keys. Nigel Maynard played the drums, Glen Meyers was on Bass and keys, Jonathan Manafo was on a few guitars and vocals, and Rebecca Chase was on vocals. Each and everyone of them brought something unique and you could just see their passion shine through. I pray for more opportunities for them to be used. It was a blessed weekend and I just know that its not over!

So here we are in December. Its already shaping up to be a very busy month. Just last weekend I had 3 gatherings - all on the same day go figure. They were tons of fun and it was great to connect with friends who we haven't seen in ages. One being Ryan Sookhoo who we haven't seen since my brother's wedding in April.
This weekend is also going to be a busy one with Saj being in the Christmas presentation at our church on the Friday & Saturday, plus squeezing in another Christmas party. Even though it is a crazy busy month, I love it. There's just something about seeing friends and family that warms the heart in the midst of deadlines and demands. What I'm looking forward to most is having some time off in a matter of 8 days or so. It will be nice to just chill with Saj. We haven't had the chance to do that in so long because of the busyness. I'm looking forward to Christmas with the family, and for rest. I hope to keep up with my blogging once again. I've let it slip, but I'm going to try harder.

If I don't have a chance to blog before Christmas, I would like to take this time to wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR. May God bless your lives in 2010 in a new fresh way!

August 3, 2009

The Cottage Life

This past weekend Saj and I spent sometime away with a few of our dear friends plus their little ones up at a lovely cottage. I just loved the time away doing something different and relaxing. We had a lot of good laughs, deep talks, great meals and played Catch Phrases - which I just love. Nothing beats spending time away from the everyday busyness of life. I see now why so many people just love the cottage life. Its a great experience and you come back home refreshed and relaxed!

July 26, 2009

Finally 30 - Happy Birthday to Me =)

So I'm finally 30. I enjoyed my birthday so much this year. It was just perfect. I spent my actual birthday relaxing with a lovely manicure and pedicure. Then Saj took me out to dinner - Red Lobster which was amazing. He also gave me such a beautiful gift. A white gold necklace with a cross. Its so gorgeous and stunning.
On Saturday I got a good group of my friends together and we had a fun night out. We were suppose to do outdoor mini golfing but because of the crazy rain, we changed the venue last minute to club 300 where we bowled the night away. Then after that we headed over to Licks - one of my favourite places and chilled out.
I am feeling truly blessed and overwhelmed at the generous gifts that my lovely friends gave to me which were gift cards, a lovely purse, some beautiful new scents and a group gift from some of my girls which was a brand new coach purse. God is good and I just love my friends and family. They've blessed my life so much!

July 23, 2009

Tonight I go to bed 29 and wake up 30!

Well, the day is almost here. One more sleep and I turn 30. Thank you Lord for keeping me safe for 29 years. I look forward to what this new age brings!

July 16, 2009

30 next week this time!

It literally hit me at this moment that next week this time, I'll be turning the BIG 30. I still can't believe that I'm heading into this age bracket. I still remember turning 20 and how excited I was to leave the teen years - and now here comes a new number.
I have no clue what the thirties hold for my life - but I am excited to see how things unfold!
The countdown begins - 7 more days!!!!!!!!!!!

July 1, 2009

Goodbye to June!

I feel like the month of June literally flew by. Perhaps it was because we spent the first part of the month in North Carolina vacationing (which was amazing). So here are the highlights for June:

-Celebrated our 6 Year Wedding Anniversary in sunny NC.
-Vacationed in North Carolina (so needed) We loved this place so much!
-Met Stephen Curry (who is going to be playing in the NBA with Golden State - unless he gets traded soon)
-My younger brother Ricky graduated from Highschool and will be going to George Brown for the Culinary program. He wants to be a chef. Being at his highschool grad with the family was very special. I am so proud of Ricky - more than words can describe!
-I went to Danielle Spino's wedding. The last of the Spino girls to get married. It was a happy day indeed.
-Celebrated with Lisa at her bridal shower. Another happy occasion. I am looking forward to being a bridesmaid at her wedding come August!

The month of June was busy, with many different events taking place but it was a beautiful month. As we begin July, I do look forward to all the month entails including me turning the BIG 30 - WoW.

June 7, 2009

Married for 6 years today =)

Today, June 7th marks our 6 year Wedding Anniversary. I can hardly believe that its been 6 years. It feels like just the other day we got married. I still remember our ceremony and our wedding day with family and friends. We had such a perfect day and I loved every moment of it (especially when Saj surprised me with a beautiful song - I seriously didn't see that coming).

I guess that saying "time flies by when your having fun" is true. We've had so much fun in our marriage. God is teaching us a lot everyday. I still learn new things about Saj at least once a week. I am so blessed and thank God for sending me a man like Saj.

Happy Anniversary to us!

May 21, 2009


I can't believe that the end of the month is just around the corner and I haven't written one blog. I feel like the month of May has totally flown by. Right now I'm focusing more on Vacation time in June. We don't fully have all of our plans in order, but we will definitely be going somewhere - most likely North Carolina. However if there is a sweet last minute deal somewhere, I would be tempted to do that instead - haha.

In May, my mom celebrated her birthday on the 2nd. I won't put her age up as she would kill me for doing that. My dad also celebrated his birthday May 7th. My new sister in law Tansy also had her birthday on May 4th.

Work has been good and steady - thankfully not too crazy busy. So all in all, its been a good month. Not too crazy, but also a very quick month. I hope to do better in June with the blogging thing!

April 28, 2009

Glenn & Tansy - Finally married!

On April 25th, 2009 Glenn and Tansy officially became husband and wife. It was the perfect day! I enjoyed every moment of the day from start to finish. I'm also so thrilled to have a new sister! Thank you Lord for blessing their day =)

April 22, 2009

Life Changes All Around

It seems like every week someones life is changing (in wonderful ways). Last week my friend Christina finally had her baby girl. Actually, so many people are expecting these days. Its just so great and the babies are beautiful to see. Now it seems like there has been a wave of people getting engaged. 2009 is another big year for weddings (my brother gets married in just 3 days). I love that people are moving forward in their lives and making positive moves.

Lord bless our friends and family as they prepare for either babies coming into the world, and also as they prepare for their future weddings!

April 20, 2009

Countdown till the Big Day!

In exactly 5 days my brother gets married. I can hardly believe how quickly the time has flown by. Its going to be good times and lots of celebrating!
I'm already so excited =)

April 9, 2009

Is it the weekend yet?!?!?!?

Right now I'm at work - and bored out of my mind. Thank God for funny coworkers though, who also share my feelings right now. I guess were all a little antsy for the long Easter weekend. Its going to be a busy one - not so much for me, but my hubby. He's involved in the Easter production at our church APC and they have performances every night starting tomorrow right through till Sunday! I'm excited to see it this weekend. Here's the information below on the show times:

Hungry, Thirsty, Broken

Friday, April 10, 2009 at 3:00pm & 7:30 pm
Saturday April 11, 2009 at 7:30 pm
Sunday, April 12, 2009 at 6:00 pm

Agincourt Pentecostal Church
2885 Kennedy Road, Toronto, ON
* Free parking *

Have a Blessed Easter Season =)

March 29, 2009

Meeting Eliana Chase!

On Friday, Saj and I paid a visit to The Chases cause we wanted to meet the newest member of their family Eliana Chase. Our plan was just to stop by for a quick visit, but that of course didn't happen. We ended up staying for close to 3 hours - but it was so much fun! When we got to the house their she was all cute and tiny resting on Dad's chest. She looked like a doll. It was one of those moments where I was like "Chris - your a dad." It was so beautiful to see. Eliana is the definition of perfection. I loved her the moment I saw her. Then when I got to hold her in my arms - no words can describe the joy that I felt - especially for the Chases. I am so happy for the Chase family and the beautiful blessing that the Lord has blessed them with!

March 25, 2009

A Month of Beautiful Blessings!

So I just realized that I haven't blogged all month long. So here's the highlights (I also like to call it blessings).

March 3rd - my co-worker had her baby. Her water broke at work - and she was about 4.5 weeks early, but thankfully everything was fine with her and her beautiful daughter Tessa-Lynn!

March 14th - Rachel turns 1. I just love this sweet angel, and had a blast celebrating at her birthday party!

March 21st- Had a surprise baby shower/birthday for our girlfriend Christina. It's always so much fun to watch someone else's life get blessed!

March 25th - Our youth pastor and his beautiful wife finally had their baby today! Her name is Eliana. I can't wait to meet this precious new life that has entered the world!

Yes - I am surrounded by many people who are in that transitional stage of life, and its just so beautiful to watch. God is good and has blessed my dear friends greatly. Thank you Lord for your blessings. I just pray that you will continue to watch over them all as they continue to place their trust in you. God - you truly are amazing!

February 21, 2009

Tricia Needs!

So this is what happens when you google your name and the word "needs". Here are the first 10 things that come up in google search when I typed "Tricia Needs." It's kind of funny!

1.Tricia needs affection, stability and devotion, not charm and empty words.
2.Tricia needs help
3.Tricia needs constant assistance to meet her personal care needs
4.Tricia needs a captain with ferry, so she can get across that pond of hers without
getting her feet wet
5.Tricia needs a rest from me
6.Tricia needs to take a bathroom break
7.Tricia needs BCANS family
8.Tricia needs to turn 6 more or gain 140 more Werewolf points to reach the next
9.Tricia needs coffee
10.Tricia needs to be consciously reminded that she needs to save

February 18, 2009

For you Joanna!

So I haven't been blogging lately. Not because I haven't wanted to, but because I forget too, than life gets busy, etc, etc. The month of January ended with me going to court to fight a traffic ticket (which I didn't win unfortunately - but the judge did take down the fine thankfully). Then the very next day on the last day of January, Saj and I got into a car accident. It was our first together as a couple. It was scary, but somehow I remained calmed. A sign for me that everything was going to be alright was that the accident took place in front of a church which Saj has sung at before up in Oshawa (King Street). Something about being in front of a church made me calm. And thankfully the taxi driver which we hit was alright as well. The passenger side was damaged on his vehicle and our car - not one scratch. The cab driver was also really nice to us, as was the police. So in a nutshell that's the update on my life for the month of January.

January 15, 2009

Happy when the weekend hits!!!!!

Its been a busy week.
Too many late nights, especially for my husband.
I can't wait for the weekend to hit!

January 6, 2009

Back to work - and not so bad!

Yesterday officially marked the first day back at work for everyone. I came in to work on Friday so that I could be one step ahead of the game and not be overwhelmed on Monday. I'm so glad I did that cause I'm caught up on pretty much everything. Friday was a good day to work because it was so quiet - although it did feel like a ghost town around campus.

Time away from work is really a good thing that we should all do. It gives us a chance to be refreshed and enter back into work with a fresh new perspective and joy. I loved reconnecting with my coworkers - one person even got engaged over the break and she was all aglow.

I feel like 2009 is going to be a great year for many. I look forward to seeing how this year continues to unfold!

January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Today is January 1st, 2009!
Today is the very beginning of a new year. I'm excited to see what this year will hold. I know of a lot of weddings happening this year, and babies being born - plus more to come I'm sure. Lets see how this year will unfold.

Happy New Year!