February 18, 2009

For you Joanna!

So I haven't been blogging lately. Not because I haven't wanted to, but because I forget too, than life gets busy, etc, etc. The month of January ended with me going to court to fight a traffic ticket (which I didn't win unfortunately - but the judge did take down the fine thankfully). Then the very next day on the last day of January, Saj and I got into a car accident. It was our first together as a couple. It was scary, but somehow I remained calmed. A sign for me that everything was going to be alright was that the accident took place in front of a church which Saj has sung at before up in Oshawa (King Street). Something about being in front of a church made me calm. And thankfully the taxi driver which we hit was alright as well. The passenger side was damaged on his vehicle and our car - not one scratch. The cab driver was also really nice to us, as was the police. So in a nutshell that's the update on my life for the month of January.


Dauna said...

oh, how sad. I am glad you guys are all right.

Jo said...

Thanks for the update, Tricia! Thanks for sharing the details of the accident. I'm glad you guys are alright.