July 11, 2013

Maternity Leave has begun!

This week I officially started my maternity leave and I still can't believe it! Prior to this day arriving, it seemed like forever mainly because I was slowing down...big time. For good reason too. My baby is currently at the 82 percentile for weight already. At about 33 weeks the baby was already measuring at about just over 6 pounds...insane! Isaiah was a BIG boy and his weight also spiked around 32 weeks. This explains why I was extra tired. I'm pretty much carrying a full term weight baby inside.  Other than the minor discomforts that I've had, all in all I really can't complain. Lately I've been realizing more and more that it is a blessing and gift from God to be able to first of all get pregnant and then carry the baby through to full term status and then delivering the baby. There are so many woman who would give anything to have a baby. In fact I knew of a few who are still waiting patiently. So I am reminded that God has blessed me with this gift and instead of complaining about the discomforts, I should be thankful for them. I mean the physical discomforts of pregnancy do go away once you have the baby. It isn't forever thankfully :)

So now it's the "waiting game" as some call it. I've enjoyed my week so far getting in rest when I can, but at the same time trying to keep up with my busy little tot. We decided to take him out of daycare. I am so happy to have him around. He's so much fun these days, plus really who wants to pay the high daycare costs when you know you don't have too? Not me!  We live in an area that has lots of fun and free activities that we can go to, plus I have a ton of friends who are stay at home moms so lets just say we'll be spending time with them.

I'm excited for this new chapter to begin when baby finally arrives, but at the same time I'm soaking in these last few weeks with my little man. It feels so great to be off with him again. I am one happy momma :)