March 12, 2013

First blog of 2013.....better late than never :)

My last blog entry was back in October 2012 which was many moons ago.  I can't believe that so much time has passed since my last entry and a new year has begun. I hope that 2013 is going well so far and that if you've made any goals your sticking to it. If not and you've fallen off track, just know that you still have so much time to get back on board. Start fresh today or even tomorrow. There's still time to accomplish your goals and move forward in your plans. Have the right mindset and attitude and you will be amazed at what can be accomplished.

A little change has occurred since my last blog entry in October. The happy little change is that I am pregnant again. I found out the happy news back on December 8th. Once again I was in shock as the results changed on the pregnancy test clearly indicating a very positive YES. This time around I only took 1 pregnancy test from Dollarama. Oh yes Dollarama sells pregnancy test & the results are accurate just like the other expensive ones. The first time I was pregnant I took about 3 tests, lol. I am very excited that a new life will be joining our family in the coming months.We are most likely not going to find out the gender. We love the element of surprise. We didn't find out with our first pregnancy (but deep down from day 1 knew it was a boy...just what I wanted :)  This time around, especially in the very beginning it was hard for me to figure it out. But I'm going to boldly say that we think its a girl. I say this because this pregnancy has been way harder on me. I've been sick with nausea (which I didn't have with Isaiah). That carried on till about 15 weeks on and off. Either way we are going to be so happy with the gender because we will be having exactly what were suppose to have. This pregnancy has also been harder this time around because we have a busy toddler. I can't just lay around. I have to be active to some degree with him. There are times when I will rest on the couch as he plays around me. I love those moments when I can just relax for a bit. But for the most part, the little man wants your full attention and he wants to play with you. He's constantly saying "get up mommy" and in turn I have to muster up the energy to do so or I'll say in a minute to buy some time before the oh so famous toddler meltdown, haha!

We think that Isaiah is starting to get that a new person will be joining us because we try to talk about it. He will often on his own kiss my tummy and say wake up baby. It's sweet. I also have a toy doll that's the size of a newborn and he is protective of it for the most part. That's a good sign...right?!?! 
I know Isaiah will be a good big brother. He's starting to say more and more that he wants a baby sister, so we'll see what happens.

I have no idea what life with 2 children will be like. I've heard an array of stories from "it's not as crazy as you think," to "it's really hard." I love hearing the good, the bad and the ugly because in reality it's going to have it's challenges. I'm trying to not see so far into the future and take things day by day. We will not know what it's really like until our baby makes an appearance and our new life begins as a family of 4.

So in a nutshell that's been my life over the past couple of months.I've been growing a baby & getting over crazy nausea and sickness. I'm feeling much better these days and more like my old self. I'm also starting to feel the baby move. That by far has been the best feeling ever. Just a few more months to go until we meet this new little person & we couldn't be any happier :)