February 27, 2011

Smile and be kind to everyone because they just might know YOU!

There have been so many occasions where total strangers start talking to me and say that they know me or my family, or my hubby. A prime example of this was just this past week. I went into the Walmart to get Isaiah's passport pictures taken. There was a gentlemen in there with his son. He smiled at me and asked how I was doing. I said that I was doing well (but kept it short after all I didn't know him). Then I went to get Isaiah's pictures taken. The gentlemen was still in the portrait area waiting for something. He then asked me if I went to APC (Agincourt Pentecostal Church) I said yes. He then said to me "I know your father and your husband." I was then feeling more at ease because in some weird way he wasn't so much of a stranger. He said that I would know his wife more as she's more involved. He didn't say who his wife was, but I guess I would recognize her or something.

On another occasion I was at the Pickering Town Centre doing some errands during the early afternoon. I had dropped Isaiah off to my parents as they were home and of course they love watching him. I had just come out of a store and a woman was starring at me. She came up to me slowly and said "are you Isaiah's mom?" Now that really startled me. She went on to say that she recognized me from facebook. WHAT!?!? I wasn't even friends with this person. She then went on to say that she and Saj went to high school together and their friends on facebook. She recognized me from pictures on facebook via Saj's facebook -lol. Saj was actually just with her husband a few weeks prior doing some studio work. She actually bought Isaiah the cutest outfit too from H & M that she had given to Saj when he was doing the studio work. Man - what a small world.

I do have more examples of this happening to me. I've made it my motto to be kind to everyone wherever you go. You just don't know who really knows YOU!

February 23, 2011

Vision of Mothering!

Today I went to "MOPS" which stands for "mothers of preschoolers" at Carruthers Creek. I have been a few times since having my precious son and I always have a great time. The topic was "Vision of Mothering" and our guest speaker was Beth. She was an amazing speaker who really touched on some very interesting things. I found this topic to be very timely. I like how she even broke down what "vision" really means (a mental picture/far sightedness).

There were some questions posed to the group which we had the chance to discuss at our tables. We did a comparison of "Canadian Moms" and "Bible Moms" and spoke about what God's view is on mothering. I was reminded of the following points from our discussion:

- As a mom its good to set boundaries
- I must take care of myself
- I need to put God 1st before others
- I need to recognize God's grace and His grace for us and accept it (especially in
those days when you mess up)
- I must be slow to anger and quick to forgive
- Mothers are to be honoured and respected
- Mothers are self controlled, forgiving and loving
- Don't compare yourself to others. Be yourself and embrace your uniqueness as a mom.
- Be proactive
- Now is the time to reassess
- Follow God's view of motherhood.
- We cannot be perfect. God doesn't have that expectation of us.

There are many more points that really spoke to me from this topic. Its nice to be surrounded by other mothers on the same journey, learning together and hearing about their journey. Saj and I have been talking about some changes we would like to see happen and this discussion today really just confirmed things that we were already talking about. My new prayer everyday is the following;

"Holy Spirit help me to be the mother who you created me to be today." - Amen!

February 22, 2011

Family Day!

Yesterday was family day. I especially loved it this year because I had the joy of celebrating it with our new son Isaiah. We had a pretty relaxed day. We slept in (well, for as long as our son would allow us too -haha). We wanted to do something on this day as a family so we decided to go out to Denny's for a late breakfast which turned more into a early lunch outing. I absolutely love Denny's. Isaiah ended up sleeping the whole time we were there, but then woke up towards the end of our meal. He woke up all smiles which we just love. He's such a happy little boy. Saj and I had a chance to talk and catch up. Life's been pretty busy these days so its always great when we have these moments to connect. Life's good and were feeling loved and blessed. Happy Family Day to you all :)

February 17, 2011

I love playdates :)

Today Isaiah and I had a playdate with one of my good friends and her beautiful daughter. We were both pregnant around the same time. Our kiddies are about 4 weeks apart. I had Isaiah first, then she had her daughter later on. Its nice to get out and visit with a friend especially since were pretty much going through the same stages. Its really cute to watch these two together. Today we put them on a playmate and they held hands, haha. It was cute. Of course we took pictures too. We also loved catching up. We last hung out probably over a month ago. Its like we didn't miss a beat. We chilled out, watched tv, fed our babies, drank tea and had some great conversations. Playdates are not just for babies, its for adults too :)

February 10, 2011

Cleaning (a distant memory)

Since having a baby cleaning has pretty much become a distant memory. I wish that I could do more (and I probably can) but seriously I just don't have the energy or desire to do so. I would rather get Isaiah and I ready to head on out then to stare at the mess before me. Its like I know what I need to do - but it just never seems to happen. Or if I do get a spark of energy I think to myself - "yes I'm going clean up" only to have my little one wake up or need me so of course it doesn't get done. My husband has been so great. He tries to do things whenever he can. I feel so guilty because he hardly gets good sleep these days, he's out the door super early for work, then he comes home to a mess. He hasn't gotten upset about it. He's seen me in action some days where it is really hard to get some things done. He actually ends up cleaning the kitchen a lot of the times. Once the kitchen is clean, I'm good to cook in it. I can't stand trying to cook in a messy kitchen (which often I mess up -haha). Isaiah seems to be doing better with resting more most days, and now that were using that swing more often, this will definitely allow me to get more work done. Here's hoping to finally getting some housework done :)

February 8, 2011

Sleep is getting better :)

I would love to say that I'm getting a full nights rest, but that's not the truth. Sleeping has taken a turn for the better for our little one and I couldn't be happier. He's been doing longer stretches which has been wonderful for both myself and daddy. Were hoping that this keeps up, but we know that things change with little ones. They really are in charge - haha.

I've found that although books are helpful to some degree, they can often contradict each other. One book says to rock the baby to get them to sleep, others say don't rock or move around with the baby but stay still. Were just going to do whats right and what Isaiah likes. Every baby is truly different and has their own personality. What may work for one baby may not work for another. Its great to hear advice though from friends who have been there. Its really helpful and its nice to know that in time it will change.

For all you new mothers out there like myself - lets try and enjoy this season with our little ones. Everyone says that it goes by quickly and I'm starting to believe it. As each day goes by there is some sadness because my son is getting bigger, but then there is happiness too because he seems to be getting cuter every single day :)

February 4, 2011

Accidentally Shoplifted - Oops!

Yesterday afternoon, Isaiah and I headed out to the mall. We've been couped up for the past couple of days because of the snow and desperately needed an outing -haha. These days I find myself naturally going to kids clothing stores. I went to visit one of my new favourite stores Gymboree (mostly I look and not shop unless there's an amazing deal). Sure enough there were some great deals. I ended up getting one thing for one of my friends. I purchased the item and left the store - no big deal right? I left the store and as I was walking, a total random stranger called out to me and said that I dropped something. I turned around and saw what it was. A shirt which I did not purchase, but was looking at. For some reason I thought I put it back on the rack, but it must have been hanging on my stroller. I thanked the stranger and said that I didn't pay for the item. I immediately headed back to the store which was only a few steps and went to the cashier and said that I accidentally took this out. She was very kind and thanked me and said not to worry about it. I was happy to return the item and felt amazing doing so. It would have been easy to simply take the item which "I dropped" and slip it into my bag and no one would be the wiser but that's just not me. I don't steal - its wrong.