February 8, 2011

Sleep is getting better :)

I would love to say that I'm getting a full nights rest, but that's not the truth. Sleeping has taken a turn for the better for our little one and I couldn't be happier. He's been doing longer stretches which has been wonderful for both myself and daddy. Were hoping that this keeps up, but we know that things change with little ones. They really are in charge - haha.

I've found that although books are helpful to some degree, they can often contradict each other. One book says to rock the baby to get them to sleep, others say don't rock or move around with the baby but stay still. Were just going to do whats right and what Isaiah likes. Every baby is truly different and has their own personality. What may work for one baby may not work for another. Its great to hear advice though from friends who have been there. Its really helpful and its nice to know that in time it will change.

For all you new mothers out there like myself - lets try and enjoy this season with our little ones. Everyone says that it goes by quickly and I'm starting to believe it. As each day goes by there is some sadness because my son is getting bigger, but then there is happiness too because he seems to be getting cuter every single day :)

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