February 23, 2011

Vision of Mothering!

Today I went to "MOPS" which stands for "mothers of preschoolers" at Carruthers Creek. I have been a few times since having my precious son and I always have a great time. The topic was "Vision of Mothering" and our guest speaker was Beth. She was an amazing speaker who really touched on some very interesting things. I found this topic to be very timely. I like how she even broke down what "vision" really means (a mental picture/far sightedness).

There were some questions posed to the group which we had the chance to discuss at our tables. We did a comparison of "Canadian Moms" and "Bible Moms" and spoke about what God's view is on mothering. I was reminded of the following points from our discussion:

- As a mom its good to set boundaries
- I must take care of myself
- I need to put God 1st before others
- I need to recognize God's grace and His grace for us and accept it (especially in
those days when you mess up)
- I must be slow to anger and quick to forgive
- Mothers are to be honoured and respected
- Mothers are self controlled, forgiving and loving
- Don't compare yourself to others. Be yourself and embrace your uniqueness as a mom.
- Be proactive
- Now is the time to reassess
- Follow God's view of motherhood.
- We cannot be perfect. God doesn't have that expectation of us.

There are many more points that really spoke to me from this topic. Its nice to be surrounded by other mothers on the same journey, learning together and hearing about their journey. Saj and I have been talking about some changes we would like to see happen and this discussion today really just confirmed things that we were already talking about. My new prayer everyday is the following;

"Holy Spirit help me to be the mother who you created me to be today." - Amen!

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SAJ said...

Great blog honey! Sounds like it was a really good time of insight and sharing. :)