February 4, 2011

Accidentally Shoplifted - Oops!

Yesterday afternoon, Isaiah and I headed out to the mall. We've been couped up for the past couple of days because of the snow and desperately needed an outing -haha. These days I find myself naturally going to kids clothing stores. I went to visit one of my new favourite stores Gymboree (mostly I look and not shop unless there's an amazing deal). Sure enough there were some great deals. I ended up getting one thing for one of my friends. I purchased the item and left the store - no big deal right? I left the store and as I was walking, a total random stranger called out to me and said that I dropped something. I turned around and saw what it was. A shirt which I did not purchase, but was looking at. For some reason I thought I put it back on the rack, but it must have been hanging on my stroller. I thanked the stranger and said that I didn't pay for the item. I immediately headed back to the store which was only a few steps and went to the cashier and said that I accidentally took this out. She was very kind and thanked me and said not to worry about it. I was happy to return the item and felt amazing doing so. It would have been easy to simply take the item which "I dropped" and slip it into my bag and no one would be the wiser but that's just not me. I don't steal - its wrong.

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