March 18, 2010

Spring is in the Air!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know that my last blog was back in January and yet again I've slacked off. This time I do have a good reason (at least I think its a good reason). I've been secretly hiding my pregnancy. That's right - Saj and I are officially expecting our first baby this September 2010!

I've wanted to share and write about it, but it was too soon of course. So far I've been feeling pretty good. I haven't experienced morning sickness. I've been tired and have been hungry a lot. In fact, its almost ridiculous how much I can eat these days. I'm still trying to be somewhat healthy, but I have given into the cravings.

On March 6th we had an early ultrasound that my friend hooked us up with. It was so amazing to see the baby for the first time and to hear the heartbeat. That's when it became even more real, when you can actually see that someone is really living inside of you. Saj and I loved every moment of it.

Another thing that we've really enjoyed is sharing the news with family and friends. Everyone's been so great and supportive and really, really happy for us which is always great to hear. Were feeling really blessed by the support all around and still can't believe sometimes that this is all happening. God is so good and we are thrilled to meet our baby in the coming months!