November 18, 2010

51 things I’ve learned since Isaiah birth 51 days ago :)

1.Sleep when the baby sleeps (I’ve missed the window a few times for sleep and trust me,it sucks)
2.You no longer have a normal schedule
3.Life with a newborn is unpredictable
4.Taking a shower during the day is a luxury
5.I was never a big cereal eater, but with a baby it’s the quickest thing to have that requires no major planning or thinking
6.I’ve learned how to type with one hand
7.I can only wash the dishes if Isaiah is in his stroller in the kitchen with me.
8.Making dinner for Saj is a treat and must be done in stages
9.The sound of the kitchen fan is a comfort to Isaiah
10.Vacuuming doesn’t bother him. He likes the sound.
11.Isaiah loves to be held closely –and I love doing so
12.Isaiah loves when you rub his hair
13.Isaiah loves bath time
14.Trying to clean underneath his neck is quite the challenge
15.Isaiah has held up his head strongly since birth (no joke)
16.He’s starting to enjoy tummy time
17.He’s starting to sleep longer stretches during the night (Praise the Lord)
18.Swaddling is the key for a happy long sleep (thanks Saj for tightly swaddling our boy at night)
19.A pacifier really comforts Isaiah. It’s especially helpful when going to sleep.
20.I never get tired of seeing Isaiah smile. It warms my heart
21.I love holding Isaiah when he sleeps
22.Isaiah doesn’t always sleep peacefully. He can be quite active at times
23.If Isaiah isn’t swaddled, his own hands wake him up
24.Isaiah can sleep through loud noises
25.If help is being offered by anyone – take it
26.People notice the baby first, and then greet you later (I totally understand that and I’m guilty of doing the same thing to others :)
27.I really miss Isaiah if I’m away from him for long periods of time
28.Family has your back and is always ready to help out
29.You can never take too many pictures of a baby – my personal opinion!
30.Isaiah has changed so much from birth to now – its fascinating
31.I enjoy feeding Isaiah – even if it’s in those wee hours of the night (after all it’s only for a season).
32.I wish I could read his mind. I wonder what he’s thinking when he stares at you
33.Isaiah really loves his black and white book of objects. If I put that book in front of him, it keeps him distracted for at least 10 minutes
34.In his first month of life, Isaiah went from being 9 pounds 14 ounces & 21 inches long, to 12 pounds 6 ounces & 22inches long
35.I never knew you could go through so many diapers in a day. We have been blessed and haven’t had to buy any diapers for Isaiah yet thanks to friends and family.
36.I love the Wipes Warmer that we received as a gift. Who knew it would come in so handy – plus Isaiah seems to like it
37.The Diaper Genie was really an awesome gift. We can’t smell a thing once those stinky diapers go in
38.I actually really love when people stop me at the mall to admire Isaiah. They often comment on his full lips and full hair
39.Isaiah can sleep at the drop of a hat once he’s in his car seat and were driving somewhere
40.Isaiah loves taking walks. It must be the fresh air
41.I thought that I was going to miss being pregnant once Isaiah was born, but to be honest having him here on the outside is way better.
42.Not finding out the gender of our baby was worth it. I would highly recommend it to everyone – if you could hold off. In fact Arlene Charters (a good friend of ours) told us something that really stuck when I was pregnant. She said “You’re going to have what you’re suppose to have.” Makes complete sense to me!
43.Every day is truly a new adventure with Isaiah
44.My level of respect for single mothers has grown even more
45.Co-sleeping happens some nights. It’s the only way we can both sleep sometimes!
46.I try to anticipate Isaiah needs first before he starts to cry
47.I didn’t know that life would change so much and that you could love so deeply
48.I can’t imagine our home and life without Isaiah
49.My favourite times of the days are when I can pray blessings over Isaiah from this amazing book called “Prayers that avail much – Blessings for Little ones.” A great gift from my friend Leanne
50.I can’t get enough of Isaiah some days. I’m obsessed with the little guy!
51.I love my new role and I’m still embracing my new title as “mom.” We are truly blessed to have Isaiah in our lives and every day we thank God for this amazing gift sent from above!

November 10, 2010

6 weeks already?!?!?!

Today Isaiah is 6 weeks old.
Time is going too quickly.
He's getting bigger by the day it seems.
Saj and I are so blessed to have Isaiah in our lives and we continue to thank God for this amazing gift and pray that God will continue to guide us as we raise this precious life!
Happy 6 weeks Isaiah - we love you!