October 7, 2011

First Work Week Complete :-)

This week I started back at work. My first official day back in the office was on Wednesday. I'm really happy that I was able to start on Wednesday and not do a full week from the start. I've had 3 days to adjust to the new system/processes, and thankfully I've had Jordan Murray (an awesome woman) who has helped me out greatly and shown me the ropes. If it wasn't for Jordan I would have been so lost.

The transition on a whole has been okay too. Isaiah is with my mom so my mind is at ease. I never even have to worry or stress because I know that she's so wonderful with him. The only thing that I'm adjusting too is my early mornings. My days officially begin at 6:00am (sadly no more naps for me during the day -haha :) I do have to start going to bed earlier. My goal is to eventually be in bed by no later than 11:00pm. 10:30pm would be even better.

What has helped me greatly is being organized. Getting certain things done the night before saves you time in the morning. I try to pick out my clothes, make lunches & pack Isaiah's bag all the night before. I've also been doing some meal planning ahead of time so that meal times aren't a crazy time.

All in all I've had a great week. The warm greetings & hugs from everyone has made me feel so welcomed & blessed...kinda like I never left :-)

October 4, 2011

Words that describe my year with Isaiah!!!

Isaiah officially turned 1 last week on September 29th. While there is so much that I can write to describe my year with him, I'm choosing to list words. These words sum up our year together;

mistakes,forgiveness,smiles,giggles,peek a boo,high fives,
sleep deprived,crying,teething,frustrations,irritations,
togetherness,early mornings,late nights,
long walks,milestones,trust,
LOTS OF PRAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!

It has been quite the year for our family and I praise God for all that He has blessed us with. Excited to see what this next chapter holds for the McKenley Family :)

Picture below taken at exactly 4:40pm on September 29th the moment of his arrival into the world... one whole year later of course :)