October 4, 2011

Words that describe my year with Isaiah!!!

Isaiah officially turned 1 last week on September 29th. While there is so much that I can write to describe my year with him, I'm choosing to list words. These words sum up our year together;

mistakes,forgiveness,smiles,giggles,peek a boo,high fives,
sleep deprived,crying,teething,frustrations,irritations,
togetherness,early mornings,late nights,
long walks,milestones,trust,
LOTS OF PRAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!

It has been quite the year for our family and I praise God for all that He has blessed us with. Excited to see what this next chapter holds for the McKenley Family :)

Picture below taken at exactly 4:40pm on September 29th the moment of his arrival into the world... one whole year later of course :)

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