February 22, 2011

Family Day!

Yesterday was family day. I especially loved it this year because I had the joy of celebrating it with our new son Isaiah. We had a pretty relaxed day. We slept in (well, for as long as our son would allow us too -haha). We wanted to do something on this day as a family so we decided to go out to Denny's for a late breakfast which turned more into a early lunch outing. I absolutely love Denny's. Isaiah ended up sleeping the whole time we were there, but then woke up towards the end of our meal. He woke up all smiles which we just love. He's such a happy little boy. Saj and I had a chance to talk and catch up. Life's been pretty busy these days so its always great when we have these moments to connect. Life's good and were feeling loved and blessed. Happy Family Day to you all :)

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