July 1, 2009

Goodbye to June!

I feel like the month of June literally flew by. Perhaps it was because we spent the first part of the month in North Carolina vacationing (which was amazing). So here are the highlights for June:

-Celebrated our 6 Year Wedding Anniversary in sunny NC.
-Vacationed in North Carolina (so needed) We loved this place so much!
-Met Stephen Curry (who is going to be playing in the NBA with Golden State - unless he gets traded soon)
-My younger brother Ricky graduated from Highschool and will be going to George Brown for the Culinary program. He wants to be a chef. Being at his highschool grad with the family was very special. I am so proud of Ricky - more than words can describe!
-I went to Danielle Spino's wedding. The last of the Spino girls to get married. It was a happy day indeed.
-Celebrated with Lisa at her bridal shower. Another happy occasion. I am looking forward to being a bridesmaid at her wedding come August!

The month of June was busy, with many different events taking place but it was a beautiful month. As we begin July, I do look forward to all the month entails including me turning the BIG 30 - WoW.

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