July 26, 2009

Finally 30 - Happy Birthday to Me =)

So I'm finally 30. I enjoyed my birthday so much this year. It was just perfect. I spent my actual birthday relaxing with a lovely manicure and pedicure. Then Saj took me out to dinner - Red Lobster which was amazing. He also gave me such a beautiful gift. A white gold necklace with a cross. Its so gorgeous and stunning.
On Saturday I got a good group of my friends together and we had a fun night out. We were suppose to do outdoor mini golfing but because of the crazy rain, we changed the venue last minute to club 300 where we bowled the night away. Then after that we headed over to Licks - one of my favourite places and chilled out.
I am feeling truly blessed and overwhelmed at the generous gifts that my lovely friends gave to me which were gift cards, a lovely purse, some beautiful new scents and a group gift from some of my girls which was a brand new coach purse. God is good and I just love my friends and family. They've blessed my life so much!

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