March 2, 2011

Isaiah is 5 months - WoW

We officially counted Isaiah turning 5 months on February 28th because this year there was no February 29th. I know that I say this every month, but it is hard for me to believe that the little guy (well not so little anymore) is already at the 5 month mark. Isaiah continues to grow and constantly amazes us. Here's an update on what he's been up to now:

- He rolls over all the time. Tummy time no longer exists.
- He sucks his thumb a bit more now (especially the left one).
- Everything goes into his mouth, so we really have to watch him.
- He turns his head to look at you if you make funny noises with your mouth.
- He had his 4 month needle and handled it like a trouper.
- He now raises his hands up if he wants you to lift him up or take him which I love.
- He started turning himself around in his jumperoo.
- He officially sleeps all the time in his crib now for naps and the night.
- And speaking of "sleep" he's officially sleeping through the night and taking his
naps (well he just started doing this almost about a week ago). Want to know how we
did it???? Read my blog in a few more weeks and I'll let you know. Here's a hint
"sleep doula." I didn't know they existed, but they do and they work!

We are so happy about how our Isaiah is growing. He really is an amazing little boy. We just love him to pieces and we thank God every single day for his life. Life with Isaiah is truly a blessing and we love that were his parents and that we have this opportunity to watch him grow and learn new things. Thank you Lord for this truly amazing gift and may we never take it for granted!

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