March 8, 2011

Ikea has free diapers in the nursing area!

Today I went to Ikea with my handsome little son to do a return. Of course after we returned the items we ended up looking around the store which is always fun - but can be a trap too -haha. I have never been in the nursing area of Ikea before, but today I had to go there as our visit ended up being a lot longer then planned -surprise, surprise. So I took my little guy to the area and I changed his diaper first. Then I realized only after that they had diapers available for you in different sizes. I could hardly believe it. I have never seen "free diapers" in a nursing area before. Ikea is definitely on to something here. That's good to know in case you do somehow end up forgetting to walk with diapers (but most of us moms usually have a stack, but still its good to know). Great thinking Ikea :)

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