March 4, 2011

Phew - that was a close one!

This morning I dropped Isaiah off to my parents because I had some appointments/errands to run. Whenever I'm alone in the car without Isaiah I tend to crank up the music - it can be a bit crazy sometimes I admit. I get into a whole new zone I find. Sometimes I don't even pay attention to my speed - I know, I know so bad. But again this is only if I'm alone driving without my baby. So today as I was listening to my tunes really loud and driving along on Kingston Rd, out of no where a police man came onto the road, pointed to my vehicle (so I thought) to pull over (he had a speed gun). "Oh great, I can't afford another speeding ticket - Saj is going to kill me" were my thoughts. The police man had also pulled over a van. I was waiting at the side of the road, and I noticed that he was dealing with the person in the van. I was sitting in my car awaiting the dreaded moments of when he would come over to me to tell me how fast I was going (although I really didn't think I was going that fast). As he was dealing with the person in the van, he looked at me and waved me on. In the end he really wasn't pulling me over, he was pulling over the van which was behind me - but the way it looked I really thought that it was me that he had pointed to. I happily waved and drove off thinking to myself "phew - that was a close one." After that I watched my speed and paid better attention to the road. I think I needed that jolt of reality to get me to straighten out - lesson learned :)

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