March 17, 2011

Let the walking season begin!!!

This evening I took an evening stroll (literally) with Isaiah. I love that its lighter out longer and that the weather is just nice. Its not too cold where you have to wear a winter jacket. Today you could get away with just a light spring coat which I love. Isaiah really seemed to enjoy our walk too. He likes looking around at everything. I often wonder what he's thinking about. I try to explain things to him as we go along. I like to keep him in the loop -haha :)

Now that were experiencing such beautiful weather and spring seems to be here to stay, (I hope and pray) let the walking season officially begin. There's nothing like a nice walk to clear your mind and to feel refreshed, not to mention the exercise you get from it too. I am excited about adding this into my daily routine with Isaiah. Yippee for walking season once again!

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