January 27, 2011

Starbucks Visit

I’m sitting in Starbucks and taking in my surroundings. Isaiah is visiting with my mom and brother, so I thought that I would sneak out for some “me time” which is nice every once in a while. As I sit here the snow is falling down softly. It’s really beautiful and I’m not a snow lover by any means.

I’m currently next to a loud table of teen girls and 1 guy (there were no other tables). They are talking about prom, P90x and some shoe store place. Oh the things they talk about are so funny. To be a teen again :) It feels like just the other day I was a teen hanging out with my friends like how they are (mind you we never did the Starbucks thing or had blackberry’s or iphones). It’s wild how much life has changed especially in the teenage world. I’m really happy that I grew up as teen back in the 90’s. Things were simple; at least it felt that way to me. If you wanted to connect with your friends you actually had to do so by calling them on the phone or plan to hang out (not talk on messenger or facebook, or twitter). Now it’s so easy to be connected to everyone (whether you want to be or not). It makes me wonder what life will be like when my son hits the teen stage. Will facebook or twitter still be around? I think it will, but it will be called something else I’m sure. Technology is pretty cool, but at the same time it can consume our days - I know this. I like doing old school things still like writing out a card and mailing it out. I actually really love doing that. It brings me great joy to send out well wishes to friends and family. Now that’s very old school, but there’s something really nice about getting a letter or pictures in the mail from a friend. I personally love it.

So that group of teens have left, and now I’m next to a mother and her 2 children and 1 baby. It’s actually really neat to see her with her children connecting with them and giving them advice as they share about their day from school.

You never know what you’re going to experience when you’re out at a Starbucks. It’s definitely a fun place to come to be refreshed and chill. Now that my hot chocolate and cookie are done, I think it’s time for me to head on out to see my baby. I miss him already!

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