January 25, 2011

Isaiah's Doctor Appointment - Needle # 2

Today Isaiah had his 4 month check up (even though he's officially 4 months on Saturday). I had mixed feelings about this appointment. I was excited to see how much he has grown and how much he weighs now, but I wasn't loving the fact that he had to get another needle - poor guy. Well I'll share the good stuff first.

Isaiah has definitely grown. He is now weighing in at 16 pounds 13 ounces, and he's 26.5 inches long. His head circumference has grown to 17 inches. Its still so hard to believe how much he has grown. The doctor is impressed with his head strength and his alertness. He's following the growth chart really well. Hearing these things always make me happy :)

The second part of his appointment was the hard part for me. I had to watch as they gave him 2 needles (one in the left thigh and one in the right thigh). I know that its good that he gets them, but its also hard to watch as a mom. There's nothing I could do for him other than comfort him right after. The crying didn't last too long thankfully, but its still hard.

Right now the little guy is resting. I gave him some Infant Tylenol to help with the pain. Although it was hard to watch, I know that in the long run getting these needles are good for him and will protect him from things. Its never easy watching the one you love go through some pain (even if its just for a few moments). One of the things I love about Isaiah is that he is so strong and he'll bounce back from this before you know it!


Rebekka said...

I am glad to hear Isaiah is developing so well! I can only imagine how proud of a mom you must be!

Tricia McKenley said...
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