January 15, 2011

Isaiah's first full night in his crib

Last night for the first time Isaiah spent the night in his crib in his room. For the past 3 months we've had him in the pack n'play in our room. Its been great - especially for me with night time feedings. As he continues to grow, and sleep longer its really best for him to be in his own space. I laugh at what my husband said the other night- "we didn't spend money on the crib for it to be just decoration -haha." I agree.

How I've eased Isaiah into the transition was by having him take naps in his crib. He was great at doing that thankfully and didn't cry. Realistically he could have been moved into his crib sooner, but I liked the convenience of having him close by. I could hear him breathing, and it made night time feedings easier like I mentioned before. All in all, his first night went pretty well. I did check up on him a lot. We do have a monitor, but I actually hate having it on. Every little sound makes me jump sometimes. We've also picked up on another baby before. So right now were not using the monitor. We just sleep with our door cracked and his door cracked. Our rooms are right next to each other so there's no way we won't hear him -plus he has a loud cry.

I'm happy that we've started doing this now. Isaiah seems to be doing really well with adapting to change, and he goes down now without me having to rock him to sleep. I've been picking up on his sleeping cues so as soon as I see that, I swaddle him up and give him a soother and off to sleepy land he goes.

Here's hoping for more restful nights in the McKenley home :)

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