January 4, 2011

Isaiah & Sleeping

Since Isaiah hit the big 3 month mark - I decided that January would be the time where we try out some new things with his sleeping. I'm not into "letting them cry it out," especially in the early weeks when he got home. We were big into cuddling him and rocking him to sleep. That's what worked for us. On Sunday night after he was fed, burped and changed, we swaddled him up, gave him a soother and put him down. I was expecting him to fuss or cry, but to our pleasant surprise that wasn't the case. He just turned his head from side to side (that's how we know he's tired -lol) then he fell asleep. It took less then 5 minutes thankfully. On Monday we did the same thing with his naps - and it worked again. No fussing. Going to bed though, I may have put him down too early because he was crying. It took a bit longer, but I believe it was because he wasn't fully tired at that point. If he rubs his eyes, or starts turning his head, or pulls at his hair - those are the signs that he's getting tired. It took about 30 minutes, but eventually he did fall asleep. This time we did make him cry it out for a bit - but I was in the room with him and kept on putting that soother in his mouth whenever it came out. Thank God for the soother - it really helps him when its time to sleep.

Today has been pretty good so far. He's on nap number 2 and went down without fussing. We really want Isaiah to learn how to fall asleep on his own without having to be rocked all the time. So far its been going well and we couldn't be happier :)

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