October 28, 2008

Isabella Faith comes home!

Yesterday the greatest news happened for my dear friend Rhonda and her husband Andy. Not only was it their 7 year Wedding Anniversary, they finally got to take home their firstborn daughter Isabella which Rhonda said was "the best anniversary present ever." Isabella was born on Thanksgiving weekend, but she wasn't due until early December. Her entrance to the world was very early and sooner than they had expected. Needless to say they didn't have time to finish up all those little things that you would want to get done before the arrival of a baby. I remember reading the email from Andy and thinking to myself, "what, are you kidding me?" But as I read the continual email's and updates of how things were going, I was so impressed with both of their attitudes and the way they handled things. They were over the moon with excitement and joy because they finally got to see their daughter. They spoke mostly about all the good things happening and didn't focus too much on the negatives. It hasn't been an easy road for them even getting to this point, but God has been so good to them. The love, and strength that these two people have is incredible. Its a strength that can only come from God. They love their daughter so much and I am amazed and thankful to God for helping Isabella get stronger and stronger each day. What a true blessing that little one is to her family and all who see her!

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