October 26, 2008

I love Olga & Baby Rachel!

Olga and her daughter Rachel are absolutely beautiful people. Jerry (Olga's husband and Rachel's father is also very cool. I just didn't have a recent photo on hand . Sorry Jerry :-)
I love the weekends when I get the chance to see the whole Sen family. I especially love spending time with Rachel. As you can see from this photo she's absolutely stunning and happy. She really is always like this. She loves to smile at people and laugh, and now she's really exercising her vocal cords because she can let out quite the sounds which I find cute. I'm truly obsessed with Rachel. There's just something incredibly special about this little girl. She has a way of making you happy. I suppose most babies have that affect, but I feel so connected to this special little girl. She definitely has her parents traits. She looks a lot like her father and you can already tell that she has a sense of humour, plus she loves to laugh a lot just like her pops. Olga is one of the sweetest people I know. She always has something positive to say about people, and she's happy for you when good things happen in your life. She's also there for you if your going through a rough spot and you need support or prayers. And can I just throw in that she makes amazing lasagna. Seriously - amazing! The love that they have for their daughter is so evident. But who wouldn't love this girl. Just look at her. She's sweet, adorable, innocent and precious as can be.

Thank you Lord for these special people. They make my life happier and I'm just so blessed to have them. They are not only my friends, I love them like family!

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you're really good at this! I am not so much.