October 24, 2008

Alone in the office - nice but quiet

Right now I'm alone in the office which can be nice, but its also so quiet. I love all of the different personality's that I work with. You've got Stephen who we call "the office diva." Right now he's on the road and won't be back until mid November. I miss his daily updates. He seems to know what's going on around the world all of the time. Then there's Eric. Eric is a very cool and easy going person. He adds much fun to our office and he'll always go on a Starbucks run for us. I especially love picking on Eric because its just so much fun. I tend to Hiss at him (for no apparent reason - but because it drives him crazy I continue to do so, hehehe). Eric's on the road till next week. He's been in the States working. Then you've got Ryan. Ryan can either drive you absolutely crazy, or make you laugh. He's into this new thing which is to hug all the guys in the office. It can be funny, but sometimes disturbing. Ryan's an odd ball, but he totally fits in our crazy office. He's also a hardworking individual. We also have the lovely Siobhan (pronounce "shove on"). I call her "the office princess." She's loads of fun and adds good energy to our crazy bunch. Her passion for new students coming in is definitely something to admire. One of her newest best friends is actually a new student to our school from Newfoundland who she recruited. I have to admit, that student is a gem. Then we have Nikki. She's new to our office. She literally just started a week ago and already she's on her way to an event. She's good for our office. She's friendly and super eager to learn her job and do it with excellence. You can already tell how much passion she has, and its only been a week. And lastly, there's our boss Phil. He left out early today. I have to admit I've got a great boss. He's not one to stress you out at all or look over your shoulder. He leaves you to do your job. I have no clue how he puts up with all of our different personalities, but he does.

We are family. Its nice to have that feeling especially at work!

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