October 23, 2008

7 Week Old Josiah

Today class ended early because of our test. I was happy to leave out earlier because that meant I could spend time with one of my best friends, Heather and her new born son Josiah who is 7 weeks. Josiah is a cutie and so snugly and fun to be around. Lately he's been more of a challenge for my friend because he hit a new peek in his development where he wants to be held all of the time, and his sleep time is all over the place. He is doing even more cuter things now like smiling more and making a lot more cooing sounds which is adorable. I had the chance to hold him and even try to get him to sleep (which lasted for all of 10 minutes). I showed Heather a trick that one of my friends showed me, which was to turn on the exhaust fan over the stove. Something about that sound will make most babies fall asleep. Within two minutes or so of rocking him around the stove, it finally made him sleep but it didn't last long though :(

Its funny how much a baby can change your life. Before you could do pretty much anything, but after having them they truly do rule your lives in a good way. Babies are blessings and a great gift from God. Although this stage for my friend is a bit more harder, like she said to me before I left "this too shall pass."

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Kathy said...

Girlfriend, you are around so many babies you could probably write a book without ever having one.

But do, please, have one.

Glad you've got a blog. J'aime les blogs. :-)