November 1, 2008

Shaken, but not moved!

Wednesday October 29th marks a day that I hope to never experience again. We came home after work to find that our place was broken into. We were robbed!

When something like this happens, a flurry of things run through your mind. Why us? Who's mad at us? Why now? Millions of questions.

The good thing about all of this was that it could have been way worse. Who ever broke in just took my jewelery box and mp3 player. I'm ticked that the very nice gold bracelet that my husband got me one birthday was taken, plus some other jewelery which I got from the Bahamas which I loved.

We are feeling a lot better now. We've taken some serious measures to feel more secured. In fact, we love our space so much more now. We were shaken, but we will not be moved.

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Dauna said...

Oh no! I hope you guys are ok! That's horrible.