November 29, 2008

Our First Big Christmas Tree!

So Saj and I finally have a Big Christmas Tree and we are so excited about it. We've had a smaller tree since we've been married - which we still do love. But this year, we finally got a big tree. We actually got a great deal on it too and at the Bay of all places. They were having major sales last weekend and thankfully we were able to snag one for under $100.00 believe it or not. We bought the finishing touches yesterday and today, and now its up and we just love it. We went with a silver theme. At first I wanted to do the gold and cranberry thing, but than we just started to really like how the silver things were looking. Now were starting to get more excited for this beautiful Christmas season. Its almost hard to believe that Christmas will be here in less than a month.

I personally hope that December goes slow so that we can take in and enjoy the beautiful scenery and the happier people around, plus enjoy the music and all those wonderful Christmas treats. Oh how I just love the Christmas treats :-)

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