December 26, 2008

Wonderful Christmas - and my friend got engaged =)

Well yesterday was Christmas and it was such a beautiful day spent with family for us. We woke up in our dream home on Christmas day. We made coffee and did our personal gift exchange for each other before heading over to my parents place for breakfast. Saj got me a leather jacket. I was so excited because I've always wanted one - but just never could bring myself to picking one up. Saj did a great job because I love the coat. I got Saj the Ipod touch. He's loving it. In fact - he's on it right now. He such a music guy and loves tech things so I just had to get one for him. I love that he loves it so much.

We had breakfast at my parents house which was tons of fun. Then later for dinner we spent time with Saj's side of the family. That too was a fun time for us.

Another exciting thing that happened that day was that my friend Lisa was going to be proposed to and didn't even know it -haha. Her boyfriend told me on December 13th at our Christmas gathering that he was going to pop the question to her on Christmas day. I was freaking out with excitement. He's such a good guy and treats her so well. I have no worries cause I know that she's in good hands and she has met her match. When he finally popped the question to her - she called me and laughed and was like "you knew and didn't tell me." That was the best. What I love the most about this is that when Saj was going to propose to me, Lisa knew about it and was on pins and needles awaiting my call. That's exactly how I felt all Christmas until I got her call. So for me to know ahead of time was the greatest feeling ever. I loved it so much =)

It looks like 2009 is going to be a wonderful year for so many. Between weddings and babies there is much to celebrate!

Cheers =)

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