December 18, 2008

Final Exam

Today was my final exam for a class which I've been taking at Durham College - Business Computers Applications 1. I definitely had mixed emotions going in today. In one sense it was the end finally. But at the same time I was going to miss my Prof, the people who I made friends with, and getting off work early on Thursday's to actually take my class. I still can't believe that its all over. I began my class on September 18th and now December 18th marks the very end. When I first started off in mid September I wasn't too sure what to expect. I didn't know that I was going to enjoy it so much and would want to learn like how I have. I didn't have to take this class - but I wanted too for fun and to stay up to date on all the new applications out there.
I will certainly miss Wendy Johnson - my Prof. She had so much patience with us and always helped us when we were stumped. I will miss Ryan and Gayle who I sat in between. They were great company and we always helped each other out.
I have no clue how to spend my Thursday evenings now. Perhaps I'll take another class in the new year - after all it was a great class. I just hope to have another wonderful Prof like Wendy =)

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