December 21, 2008

Shopping on Saturday December 20th - Never Again!

I suppose I knew this would happen, but Saj and I still ventured out to do/start our Christmas shopping. Things have been so busy that we just haven't had the time to shop. With work being so busy for us both, we would never want to go out once we came home for the evening. Then on the weekends - well you just get tied up with other errands, sleeping in, social gathering, dinners, etc. So this past Saturday we decided to try and hit the malls. The first mall we went to was Pickering Town Centre. The parking lots were pretty full - but within about 5 minutes or so we finally found parking. We didn't spend much time at the Pickering Town Centre. There were only a few stores that we wanted to go to. Our next stop was Fairview Mall. BIG MISTAKE!! Just finding parking alone took us about 30 minutes or so. It felt like it was boxing day. I remembered going shopping on Boxing Day at Fairview mall with my brother, Andrew and Psegga and it was the same kind of madness. As we were driving around and around and around - it brought me back to that moment when we were teenagers. Finally, we found a spot - GREAT. We hit a few stores at Fairview Mall, but got what we were looking for - for the most part. Now trying to get out of Fairview mall proved to be very tricky and just pure madness. It took us just about an hour to get out of the parking lot and onto the highway. It was crazy. It felt like we were literally sitting on the Don Valley parkway during rush hour. NO MOVING. I honestly didn't think that we were going to get out. Saj was good - but I could tell that he was slowly losing his patience as was I. So we just turned on our Christmas Cd and talked and just tried to be patient. It was hard - but we eventually got out, Praise the Lord!

If there's one thing we have learned from this experience, its that we will not leave our Christmas shopping till the last minute. Were going to try and get it done by at least the first weekend in December so that by this time say next year, all we'll doing is wrapping up our gifts =)

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