April 12, 2012

New Year Resolutions & Goals - How's it going?

We are well into the new year now and you have either stuck to your new year resolutions/goals or you have flopped on them. I would love to say that I have stuck to my goals for the year, but sadly I have flopped. As always things start off pretty smoothly with excitement and joy, then slowly things get tossed to the side little by little that you can't even see your way back to reaching your goals (so we think).

Instead of giving up and allowing defeat to set in, I encourage you (myself included) to rise above the slump and get back on track. If one of your goals was to exercise and eat better, start implementing that change today. You can start slowly by increasing your water intake and cutting back on junk foods. You can do simple exercises at home or start taking walks (it is a form of exercise :)

Whatever was on your list of resolutions or goals for 2012 please know that there is still so much time left to accomplish many of them. Don't beat yourself up any more. Tackle your goals and start fresh today. That's what I plan on doing, and I encourage you to do the same!

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