April 28, 2011

The Royal Wedding!

Tomorrow the world will be watching as Prince William and Kate Middleton finally tie the knot. I wonder how the bride is doing? I remember being nervous, yet very excited on our wedding day. The nervous part for me was of course walking down the aisle. You want that moment to be perfect. Thankfully that went smoothly. Once I saw Saj's face, I felt such a peace and joy. I couldn't wait to get down that aisle to see my soon to be husband up close. I can't even imagine being Kate Middleton with the whole world watching your ever move on your most important and joyful day. There's pressure to look perfect (hair, makeup and of course the dress). People are going to be commenting on every little thing. I truly hope that they have a fantastic day and that they can enjoy the day even though the world will be watching.

Happy Wedding day to Prince William and Kate Middleton!

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