April 12, 2011

Guess the Gender Party - Really Cool Idea :)

This past weekend Saj, Isaiah and I went over to our friends Hillary and Nathan's home for a guess the gender party/housewarming. It was a whole lot of fun. Firstly, their home is really beautiful. God truly blessed them both with such a lovely place. Its a very peaceful home. You feel that once you enter. While on a tour of the home with the lovely couple, they explained that the builder did a "mistake" and upgraded their stairway and railing to hardwood and steel rod iron. Its gorgeous. Hillary said that's what they wanted but didn't take that upgrade when picking out items for their home, but isn't it amazing that God blessed them with that upgrade "for free?" Truly amazing and such a God thing we all believe!

The other fun part of our visit was them revealing the gender of their precious baby. The cocoa cakery made a fabulous cake for this occasion. I love the cocoa cakery and the amazing work that comes out of that kitchen. At one point during the gathering, Hillary and Nathan got every ones attention and announced that they were going to cut the cake. They said that once the cake was cut, we would know what the gender is because it was either going to be pink or blue. They slowly cut into the cake and when they lifted out the slice and we all saw that it was "pink" there were cheers, much laughter and joy.

Nathan and Hillary hosted a great event and we had a blast. It was so great to be apart of this occasion celebrating with many friends, and tons of little babies too :)

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the James said...

It was a good little party, and I ate a lot there. I was so full after.