April 5, 2011

Isaiah at 6 months!

6 whole months have gone by since the arrival of our precious son Isaiah. Its still hard to believe that he's already at this stage - no longer a little baby.

Here's a list of some of the things he's doing now:

Sleeping through the night - yay
Rolling over from his back to his front
Eating solid foods now (cereal and some veggies)
He's able to put the soother back in his mouth now (some days he misses)
He babbles a whole lot more and likes to grab your face with his hands
He's beginning to make moves towards crawling. He took two leaps forward a few weeks back.
He gets really excited when he sees daddy
He's finally been in our wonderful nursery at APC with the amazing workers
Diaper changes must be done quickly. He doesn't stay still very long
He's starting to sit up on his own for a bit (with some help of course getting into the sitting position)
We think he's in the beginning stages of teething

Isaiah constantly amazes us with his growth and milestones. Its actually quite fascinating to see how much a baby accomplishes in just a short few months of life. They learn so much and its a wonderful to observe the changes. Isaiah is a fun, pretty chill baby and we look forward to even more milestones in the coming months!

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Yohan Gayle said...

Awesome stuff! It's so true, just how much they grow and accomplish in such a short span of time. Very encouraging on many fronts!

Soon enough he'll be chewing on some of Grandma's sweet Oxtail....LOL!!!