April 14, 2014

Money Tip Monday - Just say NO!

Welcome to our Money Tip Monday segment. Firstly, I hope that you've all had a wonderful weekend & you were able to find some rest & enjoy some quality time with family or friends.

Today's money tip is about saying a two letter word....NO!

"Always say NO when being offered a store credit card. Don't give in to save an extra 10%."

Rachel Cruze explains it so well in her vlog about "What's So Bad About Store Credit Cards?"
I can tell you from experience as well that these "store credit cards" are just awful. I am happy that I no longer have one nor do I have a desire to ever get one again. When I think about the money I've wasted, it makes me sad and sick at the same time.  Thankfully that is all behind me and I have moved on. If you currently do have a store credit card do yourself a favour and pay it off quickly & cancel it. In fact, I would even go a step further and say cut it up now...like this second. Store credit cards are not your friend. Trust me!

I hope that today's tip was helpful for you. Don't be afraid to say no when these various stores ask you at the check out or approach you while your shopping in the store to sign up for one. Remember, you are the one in control and always say NO!

photo image: monsterpiggybank.com

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