April 7, 2014

Money Tip Monday - Avoid banking fees!

Welcome to Money Tip Monday on the blog. Today's tip is about avoiding banking fees. My husband and I switched banks about 3 years ago and have saved greatly by not paying banking fees. Over time it is insane how much those bank fees add up. When we left our former bank we were paying $13.95 a month. In a year that adds up to $167.40. For some that's not a lot of money, but for us it just didn't make sense to continue paying this when we could fully be banking for free. Yes, for free. 
We love our new bank. We haven't had to pay any fees and we just love saving the money and using it towards other important things like paying off some left over debt!
Below is today's money tip:
"Canadians stop paying monthly bank fees. Don't think that exists? Check out this review & switch;
I hope that this money tip will at least inspire you to do a little research for yourself to see if you could save some money too in the area of banking. Switching was very simple and not as complicated as one may think.
Do you currently pay banking fees or have you gone the no banking fee route? 
photo credit above from: monsterpiggybank.com


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