April 11, 2014

Frugal Friday Tip - Use your crockpot!

Welcome to Frugal Friday on the blog. We are so happy to have you stop by for today's frugal tip.
"Use your crockpot often. Did you know that using it saves on electricity? It also saves you time in the kitchen."
I personally love the crockpot and think it's the greatest invention ever. You just dump the ingredients in and let it cook for you. Brilliant!  If you don't have one, I strongly encourage you to consider getting one. Or if you want to try it out first before making the purchase, I'm pretty sure you can ask to borrow one from a friend who may not be using it. There are tons of great recipes online too if you are new to the crockpot world. I hope that this little tip not only saves you time in the kitchen, but saves you money in the long run.
Have a great weekend and be sure to visit us again on Monday for our money tip Monday segment.
Do you have any frugal tips that you implement to save you
money? Comments below are welcomed!
photo image above: shopperstrategy.com

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