October 29, 2012

More sleep...yes please :)

Having a "good laugh" happens daily in the McKenley home....the long sleep however gets put to the back burner way too often these days & I really have no excuse. Isaiah sleeps through the night and has been doing so for months. We usually put him down around 7:30pm and he's out until we wake him up the next morning around 7:30am (on weekends we let him sleep in so that we can sleep in too :)

For some reason we just haven't been able to get ourselves into a good sleep routine. We've had hits and misses throughout the years, but as we are getting "older" sleep needs to become more of a priority (in my books at least). We have two friends in particular who are great at getting sleep. One friend of ours is a court officer and would always go to bed by 10pm. It never mattered if people were over visiting. He would politely get up and say "I'm heading to bed." It never came off as rude. In fact, we would always admire him for still getting his rest in even if people were over.

We did sleep training with Isaiah when he was 4 months with a sleep doula and it really paid off. He's a great sleeper & napper to this day. So now we are going to start "sleep training" ourselves. I know, sounds funny right? But I think this could be good. Instead of trying to be so ambitious and start out with some ridiculously early bed time like 9pm, we'll start out with a later time (11:30pm) and work our way down. I think the ideal bedtime for me personally would be 10:30pm.

I will keep you posted on how our "sleep training" goes. We all need at least 7 hours of sleep (at least that's what I read over and over again). So here's hoping for great sleep which in turn will result in more energy for the mornings :)

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