October 9, 2012

Dear blog world I am still alive...

The last time I blogged was back in May....I know, too long of a break right? Every time I've wanted to blog I just never got around to doing it.So here's hoping that I can actually start doing some more posts now and in the weeks to come.

 Since my last blog, Saj and I celebrated 9 years of marriage on June 7th. I can't believe how quickly its going by. It certainly doesn't feel like 9 years. Next year we hit the BIG 10 year mark. Double digits baby. A trip to Bora Bora would be my dream.....but I'm pretty sure that's not happening for our 10 year, lol. This may sound cheesy, but as long as we are together that's all I really care about. If it's a walk on Main street in Unionville & Starbucks, I'll take that. We are really about the simple things. Quality time is our love language.

 Summer has also come and gone way too quickly if you ask me. Now we have hit the cooler season which also happens to be one of my favourites...FALL. I love the changing colours and the freshness that the Fall always brings. I also love Fall even more-so now because that's when Isaiah was born. Its hard to believe that he is 2 now. So many people use to say to us "enjoy this time, it goes by so quickly." At the time I didn't really get it (due to lack of sleep, and trying to figure out things along the way) but now I do. Where in the world did those 2 years go? Just 2 short years ago Isaiah was only 10 days old and now he's walking, talking, running, climbing, dancing, eating lots and my list can go on. I enjoy him so much these days (except for those temper tantrums...that I can do without, lol).

Saj was also born in the Fall too (he just celebrate a milestone birthday this weekend....40, eek). It was a busy weekend for us and we didn't have the chance to properly celebrate. Saj was in a wedding for one of his good friends Nigel Maynard. The wedding was on his actual birthday (October 6). At the reception though, everyone sang happy birthday to Saj which was so sweet.

As for me, well I turned a year older back in July. I had a great day with my hubby and I was actually off on vacation during that time which was amazing. There are days when I feel like the pace of life needs to slow down. I often wish there were more hours in the day to do things, but what I'm realizing is that I need to prioritize better and just do what I can each day. I also want to start going to bed earlier. I'm realizing that I do need more sleep. I'm sure better sleep could do us all some good. I really enjoy my times with Isaiah. I love being outdoors with him as he explores the world from his view. He brings me such joy!

In a nutshell that's life. There is so much more that I could write, but I like to keep things short (even though this blog is a bit on the longer side today :)  I hope that you all had a lovely Thanksgiving with your loved ones and took the time to Thank God for all of His great blessings.  I am thankful for my crazy family. Life wouldn't be the same without you.

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