September 4, 2010

Today - September 4th!

Today was actually suppose to be my C-Section day and thankfully things have turned around and I no longer have to have one. The baby is fine and healthy, but my placenta was covering over a bit of the cervix. I've had to have a few ultrasounds and at my last one on August 30th things have cleared - Praise the Lord! If things didn't clear I was scheduled in for a tentative C-Section which was suppose to take place today at 8:00am. Its crazy to think that we could be officially parents right now if things didn't change. I am so happy that the baby can come on its own. I know that anything can happen once you do go into labour and that an emergency c-section often takes place -but I'm not going to focus on that. Were trusting and praying that things will go smoothly, but of course were open to whatever needs to be done if needed.

Yesterday I attempted to go to the mall, but boy was that a mistake. I found myself resting on benches more than anything. In my mind I feel like I can do so much, but than my body reminds me that I have to take it easy and I just can't zip around the mall like before especially with this extra cargo. Now if I go to the mall I've gotta be specific and hit where I need to go and try not to visit every store along the way.

So now its the waiting game. So far I'm enjoying my time off. I've been doing a lot of resting and keeping my feet up. I'm really curious as to when this baby will make an appearance, but I'm not going to rush this time. We really are looking forward to meeting this little baby in the coming weeks - or days!

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