August 17, 2010

So Thankful and Blessed!

We have truly been blessed by so many people over the past couple of months. On August 8th we had a wonderful family shower for the baby. This baby was blessed with so many great gifts and clothing and necessities. We had such a wonderful time celebrating with our families and my brother Ricky did all the cooking for this occasion and let me just say that it was amazing. The games we played were fun (even the guys got into it :) My mom also did so much planning and put so much details into this lovely shower with the help of my other bro Danny.

Over this past weekend two of my friends - Heidi and Heather, threw me a dinner for the baby with some of the ladies from C4 (Carruthers Creek). It was a lovely dinner prepared by Heidi and the amazing cake was made by Heather. We had good laughs, lots of jokes and just a fun relaxing time. We were blessed once again with some more lovely gifts for the baby.

Today at work my lovely coworkers threw a luncheon shower in the courtyard. It was so nice celebrating this time with these lovely ladies who blessed our baby with even more lovely gifts. The food spread was amazing and the strawberry tarts and cake were excellent. We are truly blessed!

Some days I still can't believe that this is all happening and that we are literally going to be parents in the coming weeks. We have no idea what to expect and what's going to happen. We are trusting in God and believing for great things. Saj and I have truly been blessed by so many family and friends and for this we are truly thankful. God continues to teach us and show us that He does supply all of our needs so there is no need for worry, fear or doubt.

We thank the Lord for the wonderful blessings He has given to us. God is so good!

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Dauna said...

Hee hee!! Soon and very soon!!