September 1, 2011

The 11th month has come...........

A year ago I was literally awaiting to hear if I was going to have a c-section, and I just started my maternity leave. Thankfully I didn’t have a c-section and I was able to wait out the rest of my pregnancy (little did I know I was going to have to wait 8 days past my due date for this little man to make an appearance, ha-ha). 11 whole months have gone by since the arrival of our bundle of joy. Some days it feels like it was just yesterday – yet here we are in his 11th month. We have thoroughly loved getting to know our son more and more each day. Every month he does new things that amaze us. It is truly awesome to see how he’s grown. Here’s a few things he’s been up to:

-Isaiah says his name. We’ve heard him say it a few times
-He loves Cheerios
-He continues to only say dad/dad-da/daddy, no mommy yet :(
-He loves his walker more (he especially loves if you watch him. He already loves an audience)
-He claps his hands (although he often misses still –lol)
-He has perfected the art of crawling – and he’s really fast
-Sleeping is continuing to go well (yay- and please don’t change:)
-Sometimes he hits his head with his hand. He finds this funny
-He loves to say “hi”
-I love that he’s still pretty friendly to people
-He loves “peek a boo.” He covers his eyes to play the game
-He gives really BIG hugs. I love that he likes to do this still
-He’s fascinated with his dad. Whenever Saj is around he loves to stare at him and get his attention
-He enjoys bath time with daddy. He splashes around and will sing and laugh a lot (hmm – sounds like daddy)

We can’t believe that our little man is going to be 12 months at the end of the month. Infancy will be left behind and the wild and busy world of toddlerhood begins. God only knows what’s in store for us in this new stage. We are so thankful to God for giving us this angel. He makes us so happy and we love him to pieces. Happy 11 months Isaiah. We love you monkey :)

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Tasha said...

Hey Tricia! Wow, I can't believe Isaiah is already 11 months old! It really is crazy how fast time flies (especially when you're having so much fun) hehe. It's really great reading your blogs and all the notes you're taking on his progress! I'm SO excited for you and Saj in this next chapter of life - toddler hood! :) I've said it before and I'll say it again, Isaiah is one BLESSED little boy to have you two as his parents! Praise God! Much love xo