July 4, 2011

9 months :)

Isaiah turned 9 months last week Wednesday. His 8th month went by so quickly. Here are some of the highlights of his 8th month:

-He officially started to crawl forward on June 10th.He moves so quickly that we really have to keep an eye on him. He likes to crawl in the weirdest areas and in the tightest spaces.
-He continues to babble and say da-da,dad,daddy.
-We’ve had to lower the crib because he jumps around in there a lot
-He loves banging on pots and pans (and of course biting on it too)
-His teeth are almost ready to make an appearance. We can see the buds.
-His hair is growing in nicely :)
-He finally got to meet his Auntie Pasha, Uncle Peter and Cousin Parris who came for a visit from L.A. Now that was a blast :)
-If you say “go baby go, go baby go” he moves his hands up and down in excitement.
-His trying to clap his hands together, but often misses
-When reading him a story now, he always grabs the book and wants to look at the cover then the back. I guess he wants to know exactly what I’m reading to him, haha.
-He’s had more sleepovers at his grandparents. He loves it and we greatly appreciate it too as we can sleep in :)
-He still enjoys singing which is always cute

This little guy continues to grow and develop quite nicely and we are truly thankful to God for that. His 8th month has been fun and we look forward to this 9th month with Isaiah. Every day is truly a blessing with this little monkey. Happy 9 months Isaiah!

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