June 10, 2011

Trage glee - A mash-up of the great works of William Shakespeare

Last night Saj and I attended a musical put on by the very talented students of Pine Ridge Secondary School called "Trage glee." It is a mash-up of the great works of William Shakespeare and songs from the hit television series "Glee." There were two acts. The first act consisted of two different plays. The first was "Romeo & Juliet" and the second was "Hamlet." The second act consisted of "Julius Caesar" and "King Lear." My brother Danny had a huge role and was Hamlet. He did an AMAZING job. Seriously, the singing and dancing made me want to go up on the stage too. There was so much energy and excitement, and you could tell that they all worked so hard. My brother was like a whole new person on stage. I kept looking at Saj saying "that's my brother." I couldn't stop smiling. I was a very proud sister. Everyone did such a wonderful job. Its not easy going up on stage to perform in front of an audience, but these students made it look easy. I don't want to say too much or give anything away as some people are going tonight and tomorrow to check it out, but I'll tell you this - you won't be disappointed. Pine Ridge Secondary School has some very talented students who are going places :)

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