May 30, 2011

Hello to 8 months :)

Isaiah officially turned 8 months yesterday. I know that I write this sentence every month, but seriously where did the time go???

Everyday Isaiah is more entertaining and amuses us with his little personality. Here's what he's been doing during his 7th month:

-He can now officially go from his stomach into a sitting position.
-He says "da,da,dad,daddy" its really cute (still a little jealous that he doesn't say momma yet but I'm convinced that I've heard him say my actual name a few times - seriously :)
-Although he is not fully crawling, he moves forward every once in a while by doing huge leaps. He goes backwards sometimes.
-He loves to roll around still.
-Since he can't fully crawl, he uses his hands to move around on his play mat to face different directions.
-He's eating more different foods and actually liking it. Some days he will spit things out which can be funny and messy.
-He tries to feed himself which is always a messy adventure.
-He likes drinking from his yellow sippy cup. He can actually do it on his own.
-He babbles a whole lot more which is funny to watch.
-He waves more (not always on demand - but when he's good and ready :)
-He likes to hold on to the side of the couch and move around slowly.
-He had his first official night away from us so that we could attend a wedding and stay out late. He was in good hands at his grandparents house. We did enjoy sleeping in the next morning, but also missed him of course.
-He likes stories, but he grabs at the books so that he can chew on them or tear the pages.

Every month I enjoy watching him hit new milestones. He's done a few in month 7, and we always cheer him on. I can't wait to see what this 8th month will bring. Thank you again Lord for Isaiah our precious blessing sent from above. We love him more than words can describe :)

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Tasha said...

:) Thanks for another awesome update, Tricia! It's SO much fun to read and discover all the new things Isaiah is doing each month! How wonderful it must be to be his mama! :) xoxo Love, Tasha