December 2, 2010

December is Here!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since Isaiah's birth, life seems to be a blur. I can't believe that we've entered into the month of December and that Christmas will be here in 23 more days -eeks. There's so much to do still, but I'm going to pace myself. My goal was to have all my Christmas cards out and mailed by December 1st - so much for that. My new goal is next week *hopefully* I also need to finish up Christmas shopping. We made the mistake of doing it last minute before and its no fun. The malls get way too busy, and trying to find parking is a hassle. Now that we have Isaiah, the last thing we want to do is shop in the madness. Since I'm off on Mat leave, I'm going to try and get things done during the day when the malls are much quieter. I find that if you can get in as the malls open, its the best time. People seem to be a lot friendlier - maybe its because they get there morning jolt of coffee, haha :)

As we approach the close of 2010 there's so much that I'm thankful for. The first obvious one is the safe and healthy arrival of our handsome son Isaiah Eli. He's 2 months now and growing so much. I'm also thankful for Saj and our 7 years of marriage. In some ways it feels like we just got married the other day. I'm thankful for health, a roof over our head, and the continual provisions God has made in our lives. I know I say this a lot, but we are truly blessed.

If I don't get a chance to say this later on - MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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